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The Bad News is that Townsville falls smack bang in the middle of the area with the highest incidence of termite infestation in Australia.

At least 30%, and as much as 40%, of our dwellings are affected by termites. All this was determined by the CSIRO no less.

The Bad News continues. This termite problem is on the increase because we like to build on concrete slabs and that means ground clearance is often next to nothing. Not that termites eat concrete. They are after our framing timbers, which are almost invariably soft wood.

An industry study back in 2012, found the average cost of termite treatment and damage repair per house was around $10,000.

To make matters worse, your house insurance doesn’t cover termite damage. It’s your responsibility as a home owner to manage pest infestation.

Wood Furniture Damaged By Termites — Termite Protection Townsville

Any Good News About Termite Treatment?

The Good News is when you get the All Clear after our Blue Ribbon termite inspection of your property.


You definitely need to order a termite pest inspection before you proceed with a property purchase. Without a thorough, qualified inspection, you risk investing your hard-earned in a lemon.


If you’re soon to begin building, our termite barriers, in the form of chemical soil treatment, will protect your property for years to come.


In further Good News, Blue Ribbon Specialised Services is known for termite treatment and prevention. We’ve been a leader in the field for more than a quarter of a century. And we make sure we stay up to date with all the technology and techniques.


When it comes to termite treatment and detection, Blue Ribbon company owner John Van Stelten wasted no time. If dogs can sniff those food delicacies, truffles, when they’re under the soil, he quickly realised they would be well capable of sniffing termites. He can train dogs to do this and, of course, he also knows what to do when termites are detected.


Local building companies, property managers and developers come to Blue Ribbon, insisting on protecting their buildings with our termite barriers.

How To Keep Your Home Safe From Termites

Termite protection in Townsville, like anywhere else in Australia, means detection, prevention, treatment, and maintenance.

Our termite inspections are comprehensive. We know where to look and all the techniques for doing so are at our technician’s disposal. If you are worried about the possible presence of termites at your property, we recommend you act on it without delay. Call us Blue Ribbon today.

Using highly effective and proven chemical termite barriers, we can treat the soil at a distance around your buildings. These termite barriers last for years and are easy for us to replenish for ongoing termite prevention indefinitely.

When termites have invaded your property, thorough treatment will be needed. The sooner we get the infestation under control for you, the less severe the damage to your property.

Yearly termite inspections are a smart move. At their use-by date, chemicals will need to replenished for termite barriers. That’s all it takes to avoid major termite damage.

Contact Townsville Termite Treatment Specialists

In and around Townsville, a pre-purchase termite inspection is essential. You’d need to be brave or silly to sign on the dotted line without one. Our Blue Ribbon Pest Inspection doesn’t cost a lot and it will quickly show you whether you should proceed (or not).

If you’re planning to build in Townsville, our chemical soil treatments create a long-lasting protective barrier. The local building industry professionals insist on our Blue Ribbon termite barriers. And who are we to argue. It’s the smart, affordable option to prevent a termite nightmare.

Book your Blue Ribbon termite inspection or treatment today. It will be great for your peace of mind, and if termites are present, it’s not going to end well for them.

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Termites cause thousands of dollars worth of structural damage to homes and properties every year in Australia. So it’s important to catch an infestation early to avoid major problems. Some common signs you might have a termite infestation include:

  • Mud shelter tubes: these are protective shelters termites use
  • Hollow sounding timber: if termites have eaten away at your timber it will sound hollow when tapped
  • Sagging floors and doors from loss of structural integrity
  • Cracked paint and plaster: as termites eat away at the timber beneath cracks are likely to appear
  • Crumbling or damaged wood

If you see any of these signs, you may want to consider a termite inspection ASAP.

There are a few methods for successful termite prevention. These include reducing the risk of infestation by ensuring your home does not have any moisture or leaking water issues, keeping areas under your house clear and undertaking regular inspections.


There are also different types of termite barriers that you can implement at your home to prevent termites. These are usually classed as physical and chemical barriers.

Physical termite barriers are non-toxic methods of preventing termites by either stopping them from entering your home or diverting them away. These include ant caps or metal sheets that make termites easier to detect, stainless steel mesh and protective sheets applied to the surrounding slab.

Chemical termite barriers use chemical treatments to deter and kill termites. The most common chemical barrier used is a chemical soil treatment. This involves the application of termiticide to the soil surrounding and underneath your home, creating a zone that prevents termites penetrating your home.