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A pre-purchase inspection for termites is a no-brainer.

Consider this: each year up to 180,000 homes throughout Australia will be hit by a termite infestation. The amount of damage done by termites each year is estimated at a staggering $1.6 billion.

In fact, termites are responsible for more property damage annually than all our natural disasters combined.

Your home insurance policy is not going to cover the cost of termite damage. Pest infestation falls under your responsibilities as the property owner.

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Fast & Effective Pest Inspections

The key to preventing a termite infestation leading to this level of destruction and saving a home from severe, and sometimes irreparable, damage, is early detection.


Our Blue Ribbon pre-purchase termite inspection will make sure your new Townsville home is safe from termites.


Your average pest and building report may not detect mild termite infestations. After all, not everyone has the kind of training that we have at Blue Ribbon Specialised Services.


Without a truly thorough inspection, your new property could still have an underlying termite problem.


If you want to be certain, our Blue Ribbon pre-purchase pest inspection is your best bet.

All our technicians are specially trained in termite detection and treatment. And if other pest threats are present, they won’t escape our attention either.


If an all-clear results, we can raise our collective glasses to celebrate the good news.


If the news is not so good, we can advise you of the costs involved in proceeding. And if you do proceed, we can treat the problems and make sure you get adequate termite prevention to thwart any next move by the critters.

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