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Living in and around Townsville means sunshine, warm weather, surf, and outdoor adventure. It can also mean bugs—from mosquitoes to cockroaches, from fruit flies to bed bugs.


No matter where you live in and around Townsville, pest control and termite prevention are serious considerations for owners of both homes and businesses.


We offer comprehensive pest services

Pest Control Services

At Blue Ribbon Services, our pest technicians are qualified to deal with a pests of all shapes and sizes. From cockroaches to snakes, we take care of it all. Don’t waste time with off the shelf solutions that are only temporary fixes. Our extermination professionals deliver effective and long-lasting results that keep your home pest free.


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Termite Treatment

Termite inspection, treatment and prevention for both residential and commercial settings is one of our specialities. We use the latest technology and with over 25 years’ of experience our technicians are termite’s worst nightmare. In and around Townsville, termite services are essential.


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Pest Inspections

If you’re looking to buy or sell property, a pest inspection is a must. Our fully qualified and highly experienced pest inspectors will conduct a comprehensive inspection of your home to determine any current or future infestation dangers.


Utilising the latest technology, our technicians pride themselves on delivering exceptional service and providing expert advice. 


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Chemical Soil Townsville

As a long-term termite prevention method, there’s not too many better than chemical soil treatment. Our chemical soil treatments prevent termites getting into your property, before, during and after the construction process.

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Carpet Cleaning

With any comprehensive pest control service, carpet cleaning is an essential part of the process. Consider those dust bugs a problem no longer. At Blue Ribbon Specialised Services, we use specialist Hot Water Extraction equipment that will leave your carpet looking brand new.


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Call For Termite Inspection, Treatment And Prevention

Blue Ribbon Specialised Services provides comprehensive termite prevention and treatment for both residential and commercial settings.

We complete thorough inspections for new home buyers, real estate agents, and concerned homeowners. And importantly, we install termite barriers that will effectively protect your home from termite invasion.