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Say termite treatment and pest control in Townsville, and Blue Ribbon Specialised Services will be recommended without hesitation.

Blue Ribbon is one of the leading pest control companies in Townsville. Established in 1989 by John Van Stelten, We have been an innovator and renowned authority in the detection and treatment of termites.

Over the following 30 years, John and his company proved, over and over again, that termite protection is safer, more effective, and more affordable than dealing with the pests by any other means.

Considering the company’s commitment to Townsville homeowners and business owners—to provide fellow locals with safer, cleaner premises in which to live and work, adding gold standard carpet cleaning (water extraction method) to our services made perfect sense.

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Our Pest Control Comes With Quality Assurance

Doing a good job rather well has led to some major servicing contracts. Leaders in food and beverage processing came to us, along with councils, property management companies and real estate agents.


But as demand increased, rather than simply grow our fees, at Blue Ribbon, we chose to grow our staff numbers.

We make sure our staff receive the best possible training—not just in all the aspects of safe and effective pest control but also in the best possible customer service. To that end, we have a Quality Assurance Policy in place that guarantees satisfaction for our customers.

No Pest Too Small

It’s not the size of the pest or the size of the fight in the pest. It’s just that, fleas, bed bugs and their kind, don’t stand a chance against our arsenal of pest control weapons of mass destruction.

Before you get into bed with the wrong crowd, scratch the pretenders and get in touch with us at Blue Ribbon Specialised Services. You’ll pay no more and you’ll get results others don’t even bother to promise you.

About Us

Pest Control Company Profile

John Van Stelten, founded Blue Ribbon Specialised Services. John is well-known globally as an authority in the training and implementation of termite detection dogs.

His family owned and operated business has been providing pest control services to the local Townsville community now for more than 30 years.

Blue Ribbon works closely with home and business owners to effectively manage and deal with pest infestation problems.

From termites to cockroaches, bed bugs, and every other kind of pest control, Blue Ribbon Specialised Services provides safe and effective pest extermination.

Quality Assurance Policy

You know you’re getting quality with Blue Ribbon Specialised Services. Our Quality Assurance Policy is your guarantee of total satisfaction with our services.

Under this customer-focused Quality Assurance Policy, our technicians and team leaders stay up to date with the relevant emerging technology. Ongoing education is undertaken as new tools and equipment are developed.

Our services cost no more than our competitors charge but with Blue Ribbon, you’re getting professionals who are committed to excellence.

Call today for more information or to make an appointment.

Meet The Team

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