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If you have questions about pest control, carpet cleaning or termite control, you have come to the right place.

Here you’ll find answers to some questions we are asked most frequently. If you have additional questions, or need further clarification, don’t hesitate to give us a call.

Why should I hire a pest control specialist when dealing with an insect infestation?

You may have seen the shelves of pest control products at your local shop and wondered why you can’t just handle your insect problem on your own. While you could try this route, there are many benefits to hiring a professional.
Professional will know how to seek out nests or colonies, and which products to use for any given situation. We will also know how to combine products so that the insects are more likely to be drawn to any baits rather than repelled by them, which is often the case when repellents and baits are placed too closely together.
Additionally, we have specialised equipment to get into nooks and crannies without damaging your home. Since we guarantee our work, you may find that hiring Blue Ribbon is more economical than buying over-the-counter pest control products that do not guarantee success.

How do insect infestations happen?

There are many ways an infestation can occur. Much will depend on the type of insect. Ants, for example, often enter buildings through gaps in door jambs or foundation walls in search of food or water. Since they are so tiny, you probably had no idea you had vulnerable areas until now, when you’re dealing with a line of ants in your kitchen. Roaches, bed bugs and many other insects can be carried in from other locations. For example, bed bugs are often carried into homes from hotels and other locations via eggs accidentally carried in on suitcases, clothing, bedding, etc…

How do you know if an insect infestation has been taken care of?

The most obvious answer is that you will stop seeing the insects in your home. You should also no longer see evidence of their presence, such as droppings, or bites in the case of bed bugs.

How can I tell if I have mice or rats?

It’s often the case that mice or rats can be a problem despite you never actually seeing the rodents themselves. You might instead hear scratching sounds inside of and behind walls, or find mouse droppings in areas where food is kept. Their nests will generally be in places you are unlikely to expose, such as under heavy furniture or behind large appliances.