Chemical Soil Treatment Townsville

Chemical Soil Treatment For Termites

Chemical soil treatment is a long-lasting termite prevention measure.

The termite barriers we have devised at Blue Ribbon Specialised Services are the same ones that local builders and property management companies are insisting on.

It’s not only new constructions that benefit from the chemical soil treatments provided by our Blue Ribbon termite barriers. Any and every Townsville property needs termite prevention. When it comes to termite treatment and prevention in Townsville, chemical soil treatment is a sure-fire way to keep them out.


Chemical termite barriers are incredibly effective border control for termites. Certain death is in-store for any termites who dare to cross that chemical threshold. Every few years, the impenetrable barrier gets a chemical top-up and the termite colony is forced to leave your property alone.


Our pest control technicians are well-versed in both termite behaviour and chemicals they find repellant. Not a week goes by that we are not refining our expertise in all things pest-related.


When it comes to chemicals that termites don’t like and chemicals that don’t like termites, we have no hesitation recommending Termidor. It’s a termiticide with the capacity to deal with termite populations of any size.


Our chemical soil treatment termite barriers will prevent termites from getting into your property, before, during, and after the construction process.


If the termite barrier is installed after termites have already invaded your property, the insects will die trying to return to their colony.

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How Are Chemical Soil Treatments Performed?