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Deep down, we suspect you know your old carpet needs professional help.

Although it might not look as good as it did in its heyday, there’s a good chance—a very good chance—our Blue Ribbon Carpet Clean will give it a new lease on life.

While we’re busy smartening up your carpet’s physical appearance, we will also give the wildlife living in it a big send-off. Those dust bugs, that contribute to allergy symptoms and worse, will be a problem no longer.

Even your sister-in-law’s mother’s expensive vacuum cleaners will be incapable of ridding the average carpet of mites, insect eggs, ground-in soil and other nameless debris.

At Blue Ribbon Specialised Services, we bring in the serious equipment to deal with carpets in Townsville homes and businesses.

We prefer, as do carpet manufacturers, Hot Water Extraction as our preferred method of carpet cleaning.

Hot Water Extraction pulls out all stops in attempts to reinvigorate and prolong the life of any carpet. Here’s what’s involved in this method:

  • we vacuum the carpet, really vacuum it
  • we spray chemical on the carpet which bonds to the soil
  • using a high-pressure jet spray, we inject water into the carpet
  • finally, we extract… we vacuum the water out

Bam! Your carpet is revitalised, your allergens are reduced.

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How is a Blue Ribbon Carpet Clean Better?

You would have guessed by now that our carpet cleaning equipment is truck mounted. It’s all about the power to ensure the deepest clean.


We also use Power Clean chemicals. No half-measures. These are world’s best formulations. Power Clean is, in fact, the most advanced carpet-cleaning product line available.


Naturally, we don’t let just anyone operate our expensive gear. The operators from Blue Ribbon who will give your carpets a good seeing-to, are highly trained technicians hell-bent on showing Townsville carpets who’s boss. They know what’s best for stains and if it can’t be spot-lifted by them, then it can’t be spot-lifted by anyone.


In combination with Power Clean chemicals, Hot Water Extraction is enough to make a believer out of most carpets. Even caked on dirt is no match for the power, as the chemicals work their magic and the hot water is injected into the fibres.


Once the stains are lifted, the powerful vacuum removes the dirt, the grime, the water, and the cleaning chemicals. All that remains is cleaner, healthier carpeting for your family.

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