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Steam cleaning (hot water extraction)

Carpet Cleaning

Blue Ribbon has two of the biggest most powerful truck mount carpet cleaning machines within Australia. It uses the steam and extraction method to ensure you receive the best possible carpet clean in Townsville. Power Clean chemicals are formulated with the most up-to-date cleaning chemistry within Australia, the United States and Europe. This has resulted in the growth of the Power clean range to be one of the most advanced product lines available to the professional cleaner within Australia. Not many carpet cleaners have done much or any formal training, however here at Blue Ribbon, we ensure that all our carpet cleaning technicians are fully trained, and qualified to do the job



Steam cleaning (hot water extraction)

Steam cleaning is suitable for most carpets. It's done with a truck-mounted or portable machine. The truck-mounted option is more powerful and will do a more thorough job. Carpet manufacturers recommend hot water extraction as the preferred method of carpet cleaning to invigorate and prolong the life of the carpet. In the process: • the carpet is vacuumed • a chemical is sprayed on and left to bond with the soil • water is injected into the carpet with a high-pressure jet spray • and then finally, the water is vacuumed out












Sapphire 870

The machine Blue Ribbon has is a Sapphire 870, which is the biggest machine on the market in Australia! This model was imported from the USA where it was mainly used to clean the casino carpets, as the power of this machine allows hoses to run up to 1.5km. You hardly see these machines being used for domestic use as the technicians don’t see the power viable for the smaller areas! Blue Ribbon also has a RX 20- rotary carpet cleaner. This uses the “encapsulation” technique











Cleaning solution

Cleaning solution is applied by rotary machine, brush applicator, or compression sprayer. Dry residue is able to be vacuumed immediately, either separately or from a built-in unit of the cleaning system machine. Encapsulation improves carpet appearance, compared to other systems; and it is favourable in terms of high-traffic needs, operator training, equipment expense, and lack of wet residue. Encapsulation carpet cleaning also keeps carpets cleaner for longer periods of time compared to other methods. Encapsulation also avoids the drying time of carpet shampoos, making the carpet immediately available for use